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Strengthening farmers with our strong and well engineered Agricultural Implements..

Agriculture is the most vital sector of the economy as it sustains the people who support the economy in other ways. The development of agricultural implements and newer methods of farming have optimized the way food is grown. We, Raghav Agricultural Industries Pvt. Ltd., are a company dedicated towards the uplifting of the common farmer and increasing their food output. We are a Manufacturer of a number of high grade products that are preferred by our emptors over other similar offerings owing to their durability. Our product range includes Agriculture Implements and Tools such as Harrow Disc Blades, Farm Equipment Disc Blades, Plough Spindles and Cultivator Shovels to name a few. Owing to our efforts and the recognition of the quality we represent, today, we are a leading Manufacturer of Agricultural Implements & Tools. With an experience of over five decades we have emerged as a pioneer in the market and have set the benchmark in the industry. We are making products available of one of the best recognized brand that is Double Genda, which is known from a long time for making a series of reliable and durable products. The company strives to consistently innovate and launch better agricultural products that give ease as well as improve efficiency of the farmers in their work. Furthermore, we seem to be at last realizing our vision as today our patrons look up to us with great appreciation for the services we provide which is an honor unlike any other.
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Our expertise lays in the scientific temperament possessed by our employees that allows us to innovate and provide solutions for the problems faced by the agricultural sector.


Our mission is to revolutionize the way farming is done by delivering groundbreaking products that optimize the way farming is done.


Our vision is to become a world renowned company that deals in a number of high grade agricultural implements.

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The policy of our company is customer centric and strives to innovate products that fulfill each of their requirements.
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